About Us


Champlain Community Support Network (CCSN) aims to influence and support planning for systems, services, and practices related to community support services. We recognize the need to make effective use of scarce resources. We work collaboratively across community and hospital healthcare to enhance services and ensure sustainability. 


CCSN is a bilingual network of agencies that provide Community Support Services in the Champlain region. Working together for a community where older adults and adults with disabilities have access to quality community health services that support and promote health, well-being and independence. ​


CCSN works in partnership to build strong, responsive, and seamless systems of community support health services, where clients and caregivers can receive the care they need. ​ We have four main initiatives.

System partnerships and unified voice:

Collaboration with our members strengthens services and leads to positive outcomes for clients and caregivers.


Standards development:

We are collaboratively developing regional program standards for service areas where there are none in place, such as Adult Day Programs or Non-Urgent Transportation. We promote best practices and opportunities for innovation for volunteer recruitment, service delivery and training to reflect unique local needs.

Electronic referrals:

Our Caredove electronic referral system links clients and their caregivers to more than 40 affordable and subsidized supports that keep them healthier, increase social contact and reduce emergency department visits. People are easily connected to the right service in the right location. First launched in 2017, the system utilization and members continues to grow. Service requests come through Caredove from hospitals, community-based professionals, clients and caregivers.

Member education:

CCSN cultivates member leadership and development. We mobilize knowledge to respond to changing client and caregiver needs